Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 20


I can´t believe another week has passed by! The time flies when I am working hard and enjoying all the amazing experiences I have:) This week was very busy since our area has been opening up like crazy with people to teach to the point where some days we almost have to run to get to our appointments which we have to place every half hour to fit them all in sometimes! I feel super blessed to be here with my amazing companion, in my amazing ward with all my amazing investigators.

I´ll start with Cindy and Luis. They weren't able to make it to church this week because Luis has to work every third Sunday and Cindy doesn't feel comfortable carrying her two young children around in church, which is very understandable, especially since the church is still very new to her. She was able to make it to a relief society activity last Friday though!! Also we have a family home evening planned with Cindy, Luis and their two kids with a member family tonight, super exciting!! Also we recently taught them about the Book of Mormon and they started reading the introduction and testimonies. We are going to continue working hard to include members to help them form relationships in the church at the same time as they are forming personal testimonies, so that they will in the best position to succeed in following the savior the rest of their lives:)

Ismael is also doing super great. I don´t know if I mentioned this last time, but he had heard I want to learn how to play the piano, and he owns a keyboard that he never uses, so he lent it to my companion and I! We have been using it a lot and are super grateful for his kindness:) Elder Toledano already knows how to play pretty well, but he´s pretty rusty, so it´s good for him to be able to practice too. As far as Ismael´s progression, he is doing awesome! During one of our lessons this week, he told us about an experience he had. Last week in church during Elders quorum they taught about prayer and fasting and Ismael had taken it to heart and decided to use prayer to help in a rough situation. When it was time to go grocery shopping for the week, he was worried they wouldn't be able to buy all the supplies they needed, and remembering the teachings in class, he decided to pray for help. To his amazement, when it came time to shop, the little money they had went super far and they were able to purchase more than enough to get by through the week, and even to buy a cake for his son´s birthday. He told us that this experience led him to believe personally that all that we had been teaching him and the church are true!:D I am super happy for him and was amazed as well to hear his story. The challenge with him right now is that he wants his family to progress with him and his wife is a little hesitant as of yet. She agreed to come to church this week, but wasn't able to make it, but we aren't going to give up on her. She is a really nice person and listens to the lessons intently, I think she´s still just a little uncomfortable with attending church. We are going to try to involve members more in the lessons with them in hopes to help her feel more comfortable.

Keren, who is our farthest progressed investigator, is still going through some problems with her family. We are trying to be patient with her and show our love and support as she endures her trials. I have faith that the Lord will help her through them as she continues to try to change her life for the better.

Anyways I don´t have much time, but basically it´s been super crazy this week with how busy we've been. Also there was a baptism in our ward which was super cool. It´s been straight up sunny and hot all week this week, but still hasn't quite reached the worst of it, but this week it's supposed to get over 100 again, woo! Oh I had an interesting experience with a drunk, he´s someone we already knew, but he stopped us in the street just as we were about to return home one night at 9, and he talked to us for over a half hour about random crazy things and how he was with God or something, honestly I didn't understand half of it, but it was really funny the way he made smiling facial expressions in the most strange moments in his stories. It was a little frustrating to have returned home late that night, but it was an interesting experience for sure! Anyways time to start another week fresh!

Vampire Minion!

I dropped my freezer mug :(

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