Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 35

I bought some minion-themed items in a cool store called Hemsa!

This week a ton has happened to be honest. The biggest is that I found out last night that I'm going to be transferring areas for the first time in my mission! I have been in my first area for 7 months now, so I'm definitely ready for a change, but I'll definitely miss all my investigators, the wonderful members, and friends I've made. I still don't know where I'm going or who I'll be with. I'll find that out tomorrow morning during the transfers meeting. Last night was crazy since I found out at 10:30 that I needed to pack everything up and so I rushed around last night until around 12:30 a.m. to get as much done as possible, since there will be hardly any time tonight or tomorrow morning to pack. I'm glad to say that I have it all packed up except for the few things I need tonight and to wear tomorrow.

Oh and I bought a new tie at Hemsa too:)

Alright, so one super cool experience we had this week was last Tuesday we were given a little bit of money to eat lunch, since the sister assigned for our meal didn't have time to fix it for us. My companion suggested we go to Carl's Jr. since there just so happens to be one in our area, close to the airport. (Yes the airport has been in my area here the whole time, but I've never been there and don't think it's allowed). My companion was craving it ever since we arrived here and we pass it every week to go to church. We arrived and were just about to open the door when our cell phone rang. It was one of the secretaries of the mission, who asked us if we could go give a blessing to a member who was in the hospital. It just so happened that the hospital was just on the other side of the street! I know that wasn't a coincidence. Then upon entering the hospital, we couldn't find anyone to ask where to find the patient because there wasn't a main desk or anything, only separate departments with long lines of sick and injured people waiting for their turn. We waited for what seemed like forever and finally were able to ask, but the lady needed more information from us to be able to find the elderly woman we were seeking. We went back outside, discouraged after having waited so long, but to our surprise a woman came up to us and asked us if we were looking for someone named Dolores. Turns out it was the member's daughter! Wow, what a miracle that was! We entered with her and she asked if we could pass, to give her mom a blessing. They said we would have to wait an hour until she is moved, so we left to eat at Carl's Jr. and come back after the hour had passed. Finally, we were permitted to pass and give the blessing. The fragile lady was obviously in pain, but drew a smile as we approached since she had been waiting for us. Turns out she's one of the only members in her family, but had faith in the power of the priesthood and so she requested a blessing. It was an amazing experience for us and I know that our Heavenly Father was watching over us and guiding us that day without a doubt.

Also, this week it started cooling down finally! It got down to 72 degrees outside, which felt amazing since we've still been in the high 80's and 90's for the last month or so. I'm loving the cooler weather, although it still feels hot when the sun comes out, at least the mornings, and nights are cool finally. We finally got our boiler fixed this week and so I took my first hot shower since I left the MTC! Although it hasn't been too bad since it's been super hot all the time, but now that it's cooler in the mornings, it was super amazing to shower with hot water. The next day we ran out of gas for the boiler though, since we hadn't filled the tank and didn't know how much we had. So it was a cold shower today and will be tomorrow. Oh well, I don't mind cold showers too much. I just feel bad for my poor companion who can't stand cold showers.

This week we were let down once again with none of our investigators making it to church. I was pretty disappointed, but I need to have patience and recognize that they have their agency and I need to respect it and find those who are willing to act upon the messages we share and not just let them fly over their heads as if nothing happened. I'm leaving the area now though and so I'm hoping that I'll have better luck finding, in a new area, people who are truly prepared and willing to act. I am super nervous for the changes, but I have faith that the Lord will send me where I am needed and where I will be tested and tried in the ways that I need to be able to grow into the missionary and person he desires me to become.

My companion is obsessed with collecting these little Disney figurines.

He gave me the ones he received double of, since they come in little random packets.

I love my little Olaf!!!

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