Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 79

New companion from Argentina, Elder Romero!

The weeks just keep getting better to be honest. This time it's because we had the baptism of Fidel Martini on Wednesday and his confirmation was yesterday :D! The program went amazingly! The Bishop was able to leave early from work, even with very important things to do, and he directed, President Maucotel attended, which was great since he´s already good friends with Fidel. Also us missionaries did a special music number of "I´m trying to be like Jesus" in "spanglish" (we sang both Spanish and English verses). It was super good even with little time to prepare...but the most amazing part was when I had the opportunity to enter the font with my great friend Fidel, to perform his ordinance of Baptism. I've never been so close to an investigator before since we truly opened up to him and visited him as much as possible as well as get members and President involved, which resulted in a very special bond. He gave me a hug and President greeted him as we left the font. After the program, all the members came up to congratulate him and his wife even gave him a hug! (She's a less-active member and they have some major marriage issues.) Then we all ate tacos and cake since it was also the birthday of the wife of the Ward´s mission leader. Finally, yesterday he was confirmed by my companion Elder Gayosso at the Bishop´s request, during which Elder Gayosso´s hands started trembling. Later, when I asked him about it, he said he didn't know why that happened because it never has happened before and he wasn't nervous or anything. All we know is that the spirit was super strong in that moment and I´m glad I got to be in the circle for the confirmation.
Also behind such amazing experiences was the help and effort of many members and missionaries. The day before the baptism we left with the assistants in their new area, which is far away, so we had to finalize our plans by telephone. The mission leader had trouble getting keys to empty the old water in the font and refill it and when we came back the morning of the baptism it was still full of dirty water...I called another missionary for the other ward who assists there and he knew how to get the pump working to suck out the water, but it still wouldn't get emptied in time, so once again we went in with buckets to empty it faster. It was tedious, but I must admit, it made the baptism that much more fulfilling for our efforts as well as the members :).

Pre-baptism photo. Aww his wife came to support him :)

Post-baptism photo with the ward!! What a great event:D

Finally, yesterday we received a new companion, temporarily, so I am in my first trio! His name is Elder Romero from Argentina who I already met in Cadereyta, but he will be with us for a few days since there were a few problems in his last companionship. President should tell us soon where he´ll end up. He´s a wonderful missionary, but he slipped up and fell into things he shouldn't and now wants to repent and serve his other half of the mission with dedication. I´m happy to see that he hasn't given up and has the desire to press forward. We are trying to motivate him and keep him on track during the time he´s here with us. Oh and he´s a chef! Looking forward to his cooking the next few days :D!

My pancakes didn't turn out too bad, giving the welcome to our new companion:)

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