Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 13

Ready to work!

This week has been wonderful. First of all we had a noche do hogar (Family Night) with our recent convert family of 6 and they had invited their family friends who are also new investigators for us. It was super fun and a pleasure to show the familia Villela how to conduct one and we included a lesson to our investigators Alma and Gaudi about the Restauration and el Libro de Mormon:). They are super prepared to receive the gospel, and it has been especially powerful to teach them the lessons in a member house with their friends. The obstacle we are facing with them is that Alma is concerned how her husband might react to the teachings because he is a "little different" as she explained. That is partly why we haven't taught her in her own house yet, but we are praying for her and giving her time to bring it up to her husband, and I have faith that they will find a way and we will be there for them every step of the way!

The thing I have been especially working on is my obedience. The problem isn't following the mission or missionary rules, those I always strive to keep with exactness. What my companion has been helping me realize is that sometimes I don't open myself up to suggestions as much as I should. I like to always think that my thoughts and ways are always right and always the best. I feel that as I've recognized this weakness I have been able to notice when I'm trying to force my ideas upon others, and have tried to be more submissive to the wisdom they have. I'm grateful to have a companion that truly cares about me and my growth and helps me to work on making my weaknesses become strengths.

This week has been crazy busy, which makes it fly by. We have 10 investigators with baptismal dates, but the challenge has been trying to get them to come to church. We have been helping them understand the importance of going to church and encouraging them to see the effects of it for themselves so that they will desire to keep coming, and finally to get them to meet more members and feel more welcomed. Yesterday was a little discouraging because none of our investigators were able to make it and even some of our recent converts missed it too. We are going to make sure to visit all of them this week and give them encouragement as well as reemphasize the importance and need to come since firstly it's a commandment. Plus it brings so much more happiness and meaning to life I believe. 

I bought a minion mini speaker!

"Bottom, he he he!"

The weather is very bipolar right now, one day its almost 100 degrees and clear, the next day it's crazy stormy and in the 70-80's. Which is pretty funny that it feels a little chilly those days! Anyway, Saturday night we had a huge storm that knocked out our power while I was eating cereal for a night snack. I was finally able to make good use of my headlamp I brought though! Also our house started flooding again which was fun, but luckily it didn't get too bad this time. Also this morning my companion and I decided to clean the house and I went all out with the kitchen. It's funny how much of a neat freak I've turned into now that I'm out on my own, but I guess I just take more personal responsibility now when it's my own little house I'm living in. 

I went a little crazy and moved everything out from the kitchen to clean it.

It's my companion's turn to clean the bathroom :)

Our kitchen. The end results of my intense cleaning!

Yeah, the fridge is pretty small.

This week I've started realizing just how far my Spanish has come as I am able to understand more and more and speak more instinctively. For example yesterday in church an ex-member of the 70 spoke (which was really awesome and powerful like a general conference talk) and I understood almost everything he said, when just a month and a half ago I watched general conference in Spanish and could barely understand anything. I know that I couldn't be progressing as far as I am without the Lord's help and I am very thankful for his hand in my life. I want to make sure to repay him by working hard every day and never allowing myself to become complacent with my language, teaching and leadership skills. 

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