Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 23

Baptism of Keren!! Yes that is her little girl Angie:)

I can't believe another transfer period has passed by!! I'm closing in on my 6th  month mark which is a fourth of my entire mission; can you believe it!? It's actually really sad to think that it'll be over before I know it because it really is the best thing in the world to serve a mission.

This week was a little more tame as far as the weather goes with temperatures in the high 90's all week, but the nights have been hotter so I've been taking extra showers in the night to cool my body off, and it's still hard to get to sleep. Luckily once I'm able to fall asleep my natural deep sleep kicks in and I don't wake until morning. What a blessing! Truthfully, I don't have much time to write today because yesterday and today have been crazy busy, which is unusual because I found out yesterday that I am staying here the next transfer and will continue serving with Elder Toledano again:D

Yesterday I was actually stressing out about the fact that I might have had to leave all my investigators and or companion behind. I realized how much I love my companion as well as each and every one of my investigators, and that's not to mention all the members and other missionaries I would miss as well. The crazy thing is the only person leaving our District is Hermana Arteaga who's returning home tomorrow. We all expected a lot of changes in our district because a lot of us have been here for quite some time. I feel super blessed to be able to continue working here with Elder Toldedano where I know we will experience incredible things this transfer!

Really fast this week we had a baptism!!! Keren who I had some concerns about last week was able to overcome her fears and doubts in preparation to be baptized. Also to my great surprise and joy, she asked if I could perform the ordinance for her. What an honor it was and yet another amazingly spiritual experience:) The rest of our investigators are continuing to progress and grow and I wish I could talk about each one and the experiences we had with them this week. All I will say is that I have faith that we will have more baptisms this transfer with the progress I'm observing!! 

It was 2 for 1 FROZT day ay 7 Eleven Friday:D (Mexican version of the beloved Slurpee:P)

Something I learned on my mission, cereal goes amazing with yogurt!!

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