Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 25

The family for the area of the Hermanas with Marco who I baptized! :)
Well another week has zoomed by and in fact tomorrow marks 6 months since I left for my mission!! That's insane because it's 1/4 of my mission completed, and yet I feel like I just left yesterday! I'm super excited to continue working hard and I hope I can continue to learn and grow in the next 3/4 as much as I have in this first one. To be honest my Spanish has continued to improve and I am starting to feel very comfortable speaking and even more understanding what others are saying. It's truly amazing to look back at that progress and I know it is thanks to my calling and the gift of tongues.

My planner that I personalized!

The work has been crazy lately as we are trying to keep up with all our many investigators in their different levels of progression and their different needs. The heat has continued right along but I've more or less gotten used to it now, of course the worst is coming to a close I hear. The major thing that happened this week were the baptisms yesterday. There were 3 baptisms in all, and one of them was ours named Alfonso, the other two are our the Hermanas named Marco and Zamira who are children of a less active family who were reactivated. I baptized one of the 3, but it wasn't our investigator and there's a funny story behind why I performed the ordinance. Last Tuesday we arrived to the Church for our weekly ward missionary correlation meeting and when we entered the Sister and her two children were there waiting for their baptism interviews. My companion and I greeted Zamira, Marco and their mom briefly and then proceeded to our meeting. A few minutes later the Hermanas showed up and Hermana Laguna told me that Marco wants me to perform his baptism! I was super shocked because I just met him 2 minutes before. Of course I accepted and I feel super blessed to have been given the opportunity, but it was a little surprising! 

 Anyways our investigator Alfonso was baptized by his brother Hno De la Fuente, also the second counselor to the bishop, and Marco's little sister Zamira was baptized by Bishop Sanchez:) It was a wonderful occasion and the spirit was strong throughout, but especially when Hno De la Fuente gave his brother a welcome into the ward and he got emotional and expressed how he never thought he would see the day that his older brother would enter the waters or baptism. The blessing of the Lord are being poured upon this ward and I am so blessed to be a witness of these conversions:D

Alfonso, our investigator, Alfonso, his brother Hno De la Fuente, our ward mission leader, Hno Pastor who is looking at the floor for some reason..., my companion Elder Toledano and I :D

The family of Alfonso and us!!!
Lunch with the other Elders Pasapera and Mera of my District in my house.

Some fancy and expensive hair gel my companion just bought and is obsessed with called "Tech Italy"

I found a head massager or "Spider" as I call it, I'm super happy with it, feels amazing!
I finally printed pictures of the family and started a photo album:D

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