Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 27

5 Bibles, 2 Hymn Books and 1 Video we bought from the temple store for our investigators.
It was super heavy to carry them all!

Well it´s only been 4 days since I last wrote home, so not a lot has changed. The trials and our church attendance drought continues as not a single one of our investigators made it to church yesterday, even though many committed to go. We even had members pass by to give them rides, but they ended up either not being home or still sleeping. It´s really frustrating sometimes when our investigators are doing so well with all their commitments like prayer, reading the Book of Mormon and other reading assignments, and they are excited and committed to come to church, and yet end up missing it and apologizing the next day for having slept in or left to visit family somewhere. I guess this is where I learn patience. We need to either continue to encourage them to rearrange their priorities, or in some cases we might need to give them time to decide if this is really something they are willing to continue in. That´s what I´m most scared of because we´ve reached the point with some of our investigators where they have hit a plateau in their spiritual progression, and if they don´t decide to press forward, we have to let them go for a time and move on to others that have the true desire. This is also where faith comes in. Although it pains us as missionaries to have to let our investigators go, it´s an act of our faith that we believe there truly are others waiting to receive us and truly prepared to receive the gospel.

Anyways there are only 2 weeks left in the transfer, so the nerves and worries of what is to come now begin. I´ve been with the same companion in the same area since I arrived in the mission field, so all evidences are pointing to a big change. Although I´m nervous, I´m going to press forward with full force regardless of what is to come. Outside of that, it´s cooled down a little, and by that I mean it´s been in the mid to low 90´s rather than high 90´s low 100´s we had constantly for over a that´s good news! It´s supposed to be high 80´s low 90´s this week, woo hoo! Tomorrow I have an interview with President Bird since this transfer he is interviewing all of the missionaries individually, so I´m excited for that, it´s always nice to be able to talk to my president because he is such a great leader and I always learn something new that I can do to improve my mission and life in general:)

We cleaned and reorganized our house today!! I found something in the street to hold my books
and such and finally got to cleaning it and placing them in it

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