Monday, September 14, 2015

Weeks 28 and 29

We finally replaced our mirror which broke about a month ago, it was difficult without one!

Week 29: Well a ton has happened and yet I have less time than ever to write so this will be interesting. First of all we found out the results of the transfers last night and I´m getting a new companion tomorrow!!! But I will continue working in my same area which means by the end of this next transfer I´ll have reached 7 months here in the Apodaca Ward, Apodaca Stake! It´s a trend in this mission to stay in areas long periods, so I may only have 3 or 4 areas my entire 2 years. I´m happy about it though because I love the ward, members, investigators and location. The thing I´m sad about is that my papa (trainer) is leaving me :( I will miss him a ton and I´m super grateful for all the wonderful experiences we had together and the many ways her helped me learn and grow during the past 5 and a half months. It´ll be interesting to see who I end up with next, everyone keeps saying I´m probably going to train a new missionary, but I´m not sure if I feel ready. Nevertheless if I´m called upon I will do my best to help the new Elder in the way my papa helped me adjust to the mission life and learn the ways of the missionary.

I just want to share my experience yesterday. I had the privilege of attending a broadcast of the rededication of the Mexico City, Mexico Temple! It was one of the most amazing things I´ve ever felt. As I explained last week the stake center was converted into an extension of the temple, meaning only worthy members with temple recommends or special permission were permitted to enter. That environment brought the spirit before the rededication even began. President Eyring presided, conducted and gave the dedicatory prayer, but also my favorite Apostle Elder Holland spoke as well and his speech in particular touched me and stuck with me. We also did the Hosannah chant with white flags and later sang The Spirit of God just as the saints did for the dedication of the Salt Lake City Temple :D I can go on and on about this experience, but it sufficeth me to say that my testimony has grown because of it and I will never forget that day.

Today my companion is going to say his goodbyes to our investigators and members, so we will be running around our area the next few hours, hopefully I will be able to get some pictures!

Elder Toledano, Alex, and me

Gustavo, Carla, Alex, Elder Toledano and me

Week 28: Another week has soared by in the mission field and this is the last week of this transfer, so I might be changing companions or areas!!! I´m super nervous but excited for a change since I´ve been in the same area with the same companion for almost 6 months now. It seems to be pretty common in this mission for missionaries to stay in area for long periods of time. Some made it 2 years with only 3 or 4 different areas! There are lots of ups and downs to such giant chunks of time in the same area, but ultimately I know that our assignments are given by our mission president who receives direct inspiration from our Heavenly Father for us:) 

This week we finally ended the drought! Meaning we had investigators make it to church. Kerena and Ismael with their 4 kids made it to church again which we were super happy because we hadn´t seen them in church for 3 weeks. They are progressing AMAZINGLY and are super close to being baptized. The trial right now for them is that they still aren´t married, but we are going to do all we can to help them raise the funds they need like we did with the Villela family we baptized shortly after I arrived here.One of my favorite experiences of my mission so far was a lesson we had with them where Ismael told us that "First we are going to get married, then we are going to get baptized, but our goal is the temple" I can´t express how much joy I felt to hear those words from our investigator :) It´s such a blessing to help people find their way back to God to live together forever with their families!

Also some big news, the temple rededication of the Mexico City Temple is this Sunday!!! What´s even cooler is that they are "transforming" the stake centers all over Mexico into "extensions" of the temple, which means they are going to broadcast the rededication in each stake center, and only those who have temple recommends can enter, or other members who have special permission from their bishop. Our recent convert Alfonso had an interview with our bishop and was given such permission! I´m super excited for him to be able to experience it with us, but also I´m super excited to view it myself because I´ve never seen a temple dedication before:D

The weather has toned down a tiny bit, but the sun has just refused to give up it´s summer heat, so we continue in the mid to high 90´s for yet a little while longer, but I hear the chill soon approaches and boy am I ready! I had a lot of fun with my district this week because we celebrated Elder Pasapera´s birthday, we played ninja attack a ton, and also today we had a District activity where we played soccer, ninja attack, ¨bop it¨ and ¨Jenga Quake¨ and afterwards we went to the huge plaza (mall) in our area to eat lunch. I bought Chinese food since I was starving and they always give you a ton to eat. Other than that it´s been pretty normal, and by normal I mean every day is super busy and packed with amazing experiences, trials and blessings, but that´s what I´ve come to know as normal days in the mission!

Strawberry Cheesecake for breakfast!! YUM!

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