Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 31

Exchanges with Elder Christiansen! He's new to our District, but is close to finishing his mission in January along with my companion Elder Arizmendi. He's from Lehi, Utah (Of course:P)

Well the work continues here in the mission field! The week zoomed by to be honest, but we had tons of cool experiences for sure! It´s always tough to recall everything, and even more hard with such little time to write, but I'll summarize what I can remember.

Our new investigator we are teaching in English, Ruben, couldn't make it to church yesterday because he was called in to work last minute, but we were able to teach him about the restoration Saturday, and Sunday after church we watched the video "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" with him, which was super cool. I could tell that he is starting to feel it´s true, but he told us that he still wants to find out more. The good news is that he is going to keep trying and told us he wants to come to general conference this weekend!

Other than that we are going through a lot of trials with our other investigators, especially Kerena and Ismael, who are super ready to be baptized, they just have to get married. The problem is they fell into financial problems in the exact wrong moment in their life. We are going to be patient and do all we can to help them, because I have no doubt they will be baptized, it's only a matter of time. I just hope it´s before my one year mark so I can return to see them enter the temple as a family!

I´m super excited for general conference this weekend! We are going to be able to hear from men called and inspired of God, including his prophet Thomas S. Monson. I am always amazed that, no matter what, I find answers to my questions and counsel and comfort for my life and to help the lives of others. I invite you all to listen in to the conference talks because I promise you will all find the same to be true!

And now for the food pictures...(ha ha ha!)

A Mexican sucker with layers of flavors of fruits and chilies,
I remember how I used to think this kind of stuff is gross, but now I love it!

We bought delivery pizza from "Mucha Pizza"!
It was pretty good, but I still miss Papa's Pizza... in fact, I've been craving it!!

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