Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 37

This week has been insane to be honest and I can't believe how fast it flew by. First of all, the climate changed and it's finally a little bit cooler out. The last couple evenings it actually felt cold out, which is funny because the temperature was still 73 degrees...that just goes to show how hot it's been and how I've adapted to it. It also rained a few times, mostly at night, but that left big puddles and mud everywhere! As much as I love playing in the mud, it's not so fun when it stains your white shirt....after one day of getting my shirt all muddy, I learned from another elder to put on a rain jacket so that it only gets your pants muddy, which are easier to clean. It was still fairly hot out and wasn't raining so that's why I hadn't put one on, but you live and learn!

Actually something funny happened Sunday with the mud. We left early since it had rained again and we wanted to avoid getting mud on our suits. When approaching the dirt path we usually use, which was then a mud path, we decided to try to go around a little longer way. I didn't think much of the decision, only that it'd be a little easier since the mud path didn't look too bad, but later found out that it was an important decision. After arriving early still and helping prepare the sacrament, the other elders in our ward arrived a little late, and they were muddy. Well, we found out they took the mud path and got stuck because it was so bad! Luckily, they were able to get out of it, but the sisters weren't as fortunate since they got stuck and couldn't remove their bikes from the mud. Partway through the sacrament meeting they called our District Leader and he left with a member to go and help them. Needless to say, the mud that had seemed so innocent upon entering, turned out to be a huge obstacle that dirtied up and even kept them from being able to continue on.

I feel we can easily make an analogy of this. Sometimes we make decisions that might not appear important at first, but later we may find that they had made a huge impact. Also, a decision might seem better at first glance since it brings us quicker to where we want to go, but we shouldn't ever choose a path that is dangerous, even if it only appears like "a little mud". I know that wasn't the best analogy, so feel free to think of a better one and let me know. I did learn a lot from that experience though.

The work has been a little hard since we are starting from scratch, but we are being diligent and not letting a little discouragement get us down because we have faith that there are those waiting for us to find them in our area. I wish there was more time and I could remember my weeks more clearly, but things have been crazy here lately and so my mind is a little disorganized. I am going to try and organize my thoughts a little more next week, but for now I just want to say, thank you for all the love and support!

A huge lizard in front of our house!

We arrived at a house full of huge weeds about 3 feet high and we finally got to cleaning it up a little this week, but it was a super muddy task for sure! :D

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