Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 38

Alright well another week has zoomed by here in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon! I have to admit, this has been a hard week full of problems and challenges, but I am amazed to see how the Lord is always there for us, and that the only way we can become who he wants us to be is through the tests and trials. I had it good in my last area which is funny since I thought it was a rough way of living when I arrived, but I'm seeing it differently now. I have been able to learn a lot though. For example, I've learned how to fix a flat tire on a bike, how to wash clothes by hand, how to flush a toilet when it can't open the valve to let water in. (It's easy, just fill a bucket with water, push down the flusher, and pour in water) That and lot's more practical things that will help the rest of my life.

The proselyting has been difficult this week as we faced a ton of rejection, but the kind that isn't straight forward. What I mean by that is many people are nice and set appointments with us, but almost every single one fell through. It was a little depressing at times, but we pressed forward with faith. Oh, last Tuesday I had exchanges with my Zone Leader Elder Shakespeare (nice name, huh?) and I went with him to his area. It was a super exhausting day as we rode up and down hills all day in their huge area, but we were able to see miracles. We found a family of 7 who were a contact they had weeks ago. They accepted us in ,even though they were eating, and had a ton of questions and opened up with their problems within the family. I see a lot of potential in this family and hope they complete their commitments so that they can progress as individuals and a family in the gospel.

At the end of the exchanges, our Zone Leaders set a goal with us to each do 10 personal contacts every day with the promise that if we did so, we would see miracles in our area. We began being diligent in completing this goal, but if anything it seemed to get only worse at first. However, with patience and longsuffering, we were able to see a miracle occur. We had showed up to an appointment with a family and the parents were drinking outside, so we were hesitant to go in to teach them, but something urged us to continue and so we did. As the lesson went on, there still seemed to be nothing good coming out of us being there, as the father rambled on about how bad and disrespectful his children are in front of them. I decided to end the lesson quickly and leave since it didn't seem to be getting anywhere given the circumstances. We walked down two blocks when suddenly their daughter Silvia came running after us with a jacket my companion had forgotten. We thanked her and began to chat for a little while and I was amazed to see her open up to us with a completely different attitude. Quickly she showed a lot of curiosity about the church and even excitement to find out more and go see for herself! The best part is that across the street from her lives a wonderful Mormon family that has a daughter close to Silvia's age! I know that nothing that happened that night was coincidence and that we had indeed witnessed a miracle, as the Lord had promised us through his servants. I know that this is the Lord's work and he will manifest himself to those who press forward with faith.

As far as the weather goes, it has continued to stay "chilly" and by that I mean 70ish degrees during the day. Hey it's cold compared to what we had been experiencing! Also the rain has been off and on, not too bad to be honest, but the worst part is all the mud and puddles that throw mud all over us as we ride around our area on bikes. Speaking of which I was able to change bikes since my first one was super heavy and hard to use. Now I have a super light bike that is a little old, but it sure flies! I honestly feel so blessed and love my life here in the mission. Here's to another week in the Lord's work!

(Oh and my adapter to upload photos broke on the way here...so I can't send any this week, sorry!)

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