Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 39

Muddy Pictures!

Another week has flown by in the mission field! This week was super cool to be honest as we were able to get to know a few more of the members and have a lot more lessons this week. Last week was a rough one since we were rejected quite a bit, but I can see how our perseverance is paying off!

The weather has started to change to colder weather, but mostly just in the mornings and nights. During the day, it still feels hot. I still laugh though since it only gets down to like 60-70 at night and in the mornings, but I've been putting on gloves and a jacket because it feels super chilly! Especially when riding the bikes since a cold breeze hits us.

Thanks for teaching me how to sew Mom! I had to do it for the first time to fix my rain jacket:P

We found a ton of new people this week which was great! We still haven't seen too much progression in our investigators, but we are being really patient and continue to work hard. 

My District Leader Elder Salcedo and me on exchanges:D
He's such a cool guy, his parents are Mexican, but they live in Chicago now:P

I want to talk about an experience that happened yesterday that I'll never forget. So the Sisters in my District had a baptism planned for Sunday at 4 after church, which ends at 12. After church ended, I found out that they had been trying to empty the font since it was full of old dirty water that hadn't been drained. I guess the water pump had broken and so the water couldn't drain down the bottom. There was a lot of discussion of what we could do, but ultimately the time was short and so we decided to start emptying it by hand with buckets. Elder Covarubias (another Elder in my district) had shorts with him for some reason...what a miracle....and so he changed and got in to start filling buckets. We passed them along one by one to fill up a big garbage tub which we wheeled outside and emptied in the grass. It was quite the process and took over and hour to empty it and then we had to clean it and start filling it up again. It all turned out fine for the baptism which was for an investigator named Rafael. What a blessing it was to be a part of this project that was for the best of causes, a baptism!

Oh and also yesterday was our Ward Conference where I played the piano in sacrament meeting for the first time since the young adult who usually plays didn't know how to play the hymns that were chosen. She normally asks the Bishopbric to change them when that happens, but since the Stake President had chosen the hymns, they wouldn't change them. I was nearby and volunteered to try my best, even though I hadn't practiced those hymns either. I literally played through the hymns with just my right hand since I'm still learning, but by some miracle I was able to make it through with hardly any mistakes using the one hand. I knew that developing the talent of playing the piano would come in handy and I am going to continue to built my abilities to bless the lives of others and also because I enjoy playing:)

My hair when I woke up one morning...
Didn't even touch it haha
Before and after haircuts, it's hard to find time to cut it.

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