Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 40

Another crazy week has zoomed by! Again it has been pretty chilly here. (At least it feels like it, nothing like there in Oregon. It's at the very lowest high 50's at night and in the mornings:P) But it hasn't rained too hard which is great since we get super muddy when it does with the bikes.

This week has been one of my most successful weeks as a missionary with how many people we have found and been teaching. I wish I could talk about them all but I just want to mention a few.

A recent convert who lives close to us wanted us to come teach his friend so we showed up one day to have the lesson. Turns out, I had already thought his friend was a member because he always comes to our Zone activities on Preparation Day to play soccer with all the missionaries, and he told us he has been to church various times, goes to seminary frequently, and goes to some mutual activities! He told us a ton of stories about his life and how everything has led him up to this moment in his life, where he truly wants to start taking things more seriously. His cousin is an active member too, and so he has been around the church his whole life practically. He accepted a baptismal date for 18 of January to start the preparation process, and is super motivated. He reads the assignments we leave him and always has great questions and answers!

Another person we found just knocking doors. He was bringing things into his house so we offered to help. He accepted and afterwards let us teach him a lesson. Turns out he knows a bunch of members and is ready to make changes in his life. He also accepted a baptismal date and is super motivated.

Some bad news about Silvia is that her Quinceanera is coming up and that has made her really busy and stressed out, so she told us she needs some time: It's sad, but I know that we at least planted a seed that will be ready to harvest someday.

In church on Sunday, we were finally able to have an investigator! She's named Martina, a sweet old lady who I would never had expected to have made it, but I was super happy she was there. Also I played the piano in sacrament meeting since the pianist was sick this week. I tried playing with two hands this time and the first one was pretty rough, but the sacrament hymn went super well, especially for not having practiced it, and the last one as well. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to develop a talent I know will continue to come in handy and that I love.

Also my stomach has been improving a lot, which is good!

(Sorry no pictures this week. My adapter broke and I need to get a new one.)

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