Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 48

I like getting creative with my food sometimes....:)
Well, it's been quite the crazy week to be honest and there is so much to say that I don't think I can go into much detail but I'll mention a little of what's happened.

First for the transfers, my companion Elder Torres and I stayed in the same house together, but since they closed a house here in our ward, our area just got a lot bigger and more complicated. Also, our District Leader left with his house closing, and I was called as the new one! What a privilege it is to be a leader and I hope I can do well to serve the Lord!

Next we had a worldwide training broadcast for all missionaries all over the world, and it was live to almost the whole world (except those who were sleeping watched in the morning). Elders Anderson, Bednar, and Christoffersen of the Twelve gave talks and it was super cool. I especially liked the talk by Elder Bednar where he explained how we aren`t intellectually capable of mission work, which is why the most important thing we need/have to do is be worthy of the spirit. And if we are worthy of His spirit, we will be successful as missionaries, regardless of how many lessons we teach, or how many baptisms we have. Although there is a correlation between obedience and those things, it isn`t always the case.

Unfortunately, Ivan has let himself and the Lord down as he has failed to be obedient to his mother, so we had to drop his baptism date for now. We are going to be persistent with him and ready for when he truly has the desire to change because that's the only way he'll ever be able to be baptized. I know he will, it's just a matter of time.

Elder Torres and me with our new Bicicletas! (his because another Elder left it,
mine isn't new, I just fixed it up and traded out a seat from another bike)

We worked super hard this week to make it to all of our appointments along with all the appointments the other Elders left us, which was super hard and we were super busy all week, but I am amazed to see what we've accomplished, much thanks to the other Elders who paved the way. We now have a family of 5 (4 above 8 years which can be baptized) called the Ramirez Family who are super awesome and made it to church yesterday for their 3rd time! Their baptism date is the 21st of February, if all goes well :D Next we now have two young men who told us they are always available to accompany us, which helps a ton and they will be blessed for their efforts. Also we have two new young women who have attended church many times and are close to baptism. One wants to make sure her Dad can make it and he barely ever has time off, the other works on Sunday, but committed to ask for it off or trade. Finally a young 17-year-old who is a brother of a recent convert has been preparing himself for baptism for quite a while now and even gave up smoking and drinking addictions for it. He has a baptism date for the 7th of Februrary!!!

New way of communication while riding, works amazingly well, and it's fun:)

Bike fixed up!
4 Bikes now!!! Thank Elders:P
The weather has been challenging lately because it's super cold at night and in the morning, but gets up to 80-90 during the day! It's impossible to plan what to wear:p Anyways, I am super excited to work hard another week and see more miracles!

They left us a bunch of stuff, including a tiger! haha!

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