Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 53

Look what I found in Walmart! Minions!!! I thought it was a great deal at 248 pesos for the set,
but it ended up ringing up for 150 pesos, that's like 9 dollars:D

Well, I'm leaving Cadereyta!! :(  I had a feeling I would be leaving, but I was hoping I could stay at least another transfer because it's literally the best area ever and I love everything about it! It's the only town with bikes so I'll be saying goodbye to her soon :/ Also the members here are the best, I'll miss them as well as all the wonderful investigators we have here, but I'll be keeping in touch with Elder Torres to hear about all the baptisms he'll be having here soon :D It's a bummer I couldn't be here to see more of them, but the important thing is that they can continue getting closer to our Savior and hopefully someday be able to make covenants with him.

This Sunday, two investigators went to church, which was a little sad considering how many we had planned, but I have faith that next week will improve for Elder Torres and his new companion (whoever it ends up being). We had a family night with the Reyes Ramirez Family of 7 at a members house and it was awesome! We taught about the Book of Mormon and watched a video about it, with lots of great questions and comments from everyone and at the end we ate sweet bread and drank orange juice. I loved it and I could see that the family did as well! We gave them 3 Books of Mormon for now since that's all we had and committed them to read. Later in the week, we called them and they had read the entire first chapter and asked if they should continue reading or wait until we pass by! Of course, we said they can keep going :)

Everyone keeps telling me I'm going to be raised up to Zone Leader, which I doubt because I only have 1 transfer as District Leader, but we'll see what happens tomorrow. Also, they'll tell us where we are going and with who later tonight. Again I'm sad to be leaving here, but I'm ready to take on whatever the Lord has in store for me! 

We went to a mall that has a Walmart;
the first time I've been to Walmart in 1 year!!!

Salmon for Breakfast! (A member gifted me it:D )

The mall has a pirate ship:O

Large Pizza for each of us:P

The amazing view from the Hospital (I had a follow up this week) 

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