Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 52

Like my sick ride? ;D

Just as I thought things were turning around, everything seemed to come crashing down this week. One by one, all of our investigators nearing baptism began to fall for reasons of insecurity, health, or economic reasons, or straight up deciding to give up. It's been hard for me to see them struggle and I've never felt so pained to see another miss or postpone their opportunity to change their lives, but I've come to rely on the Lord more and more. To let go of the sorrow that I feel when they fall because I know the Lord has a plan and everything will fall into place for the better. It's been amazing to see how He lifts my spirits every time I feel like giving up. Also, I have seen how much my Heavenly Father knows and loves me through these trials.

There has always been something that lifted my spirits back up. The biggest one recently was the Reyes Ramirez Family we found just over a week ago. They are a family of 7, Felipe (Dad) Monica (Mom) and 5 girls, Gloria (13), Natalia (10), Valeria (8), Alison (4) and Jennifer (3). I've already come to love this family so much and they amaze me more and more. They have been reading and praying as a family between every visit and made it to church this Sunday:D Also they mixed in really well with the ward and made some good friendships already. We have a family night planned with them this Tuesday at a members house!

My district struggled this week due to sicknesses which has been rough. A sister, Sister Sousa, is sick to her stomach with something similar to what I suffered, and the other, Elder Garcia, has a small tear in his meniscus, so I can feel a lot of sympathy for the both of them. Luckily just as the Lord has helped me through these trials in my life, I know he can help them as well:)

It started getting really hot again this week. In fact, I started sleeping with the windows open and a fan going again! Tomorrow it's supposed to get up to 94, yikes! Anyway, other than that I guess I hit my 1 year mark...what!? I honestly can't believe that...but I am so grateful for all the amazing experiences as well as trials I have had this year because they have helped me to grow and come closer to my Savior. I hope to continue giving my all to the Lord this next year because it's such a blessing this short time I have and I don't want to waste a minute of it!

My motivation! :)

My companion and me, with our bikes outside of the Church building

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