Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weeks 60 and 61

I found cottage cheese, love the stuff!!!

Another week has past in the mission along with much progression and learning. I feel that I have been working harder than ever and truly engaging all of myself in the work and that has brought me more peace and happiness to know that the Lord is happy with me. I know I can still improve and will continue to strive to do so since there`s only now, yesterday has already happened and tomorrow isn't here yet. Best to make the most of now :)

I was talking with my companion about Krystina on Saturday afternoon and I mentioned Ryan, but I said Krystina's "comprometido" (fiancee in Spanish). Then in a sudden shock I corrected myself, her HUSBAND Ryan. I started freaking out a little bit and couldn't believe what I was saying, I have a brother-in-law!? Also now that I see the pictures of their wedding, I feel like they are acting and are just dressed up in costumes. It`s the weirdest thing. I must say though that I am extremely happy for my sister, and her and Ryan look AMAZING:D Wish I could have been there, but I know it must've been incredible. Thanks so much for the pictures and I can`t wait to see more next week :)

This week we worked super hard in our area and were able to find quite a few new people to teach, but sadly many used their agency to turn down the offer to come unto Christ. It`s sad to see these people suffer and know they can find more peace and happiness if they would just soften their hearts and heed to Christ`s call to "Come Follow Me", but I know that I am at least making a small difference in their lives, having been given the chance learn more.

I've been studying a lot from some talks Elder Packard sent me and it`s helped me a TON. I am so blessed to have so many resources and help available and humbled that my President took the time to help me find the support I needed. One quote that has really helped me is that,

"Happiness isn't found in obtaining what you want, it`s found in wanting what you have."

It`s so true because if we base our happiness on always wanting more, we`ll always be left unsatisfied, but when we start appreciating what we already have, how much happier we`ll live especially because when we do obtain something we want, all the better we`ll feel!! I hope you all can think on this quote and that it can help you as it did me:)

We found a family of a older couple and their elderly mom-stepmom who accepted our offer to come to church, but the opposition kicked in as one of them fell ill Saturday night and weren't able to make it. The good news is that they are determined to make it next week:)

It`s been hot here lately, but the weather says it`ll be really HOT this week as in low's of 70-75 and high's of 90-103!!!! Friday is when it says 103 so that`ll be fun :D Luckily, I have the motivation that this is the last hot season I have to endure in the mission. It`s a season that lasts until October-November....but it`s better to think positively!

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes, I forgot it`s this week already, 20 already and my last birthday in the mission!!! Love you all and hope the best for you:D

Oh and I haven`t found a camera yet, but I`ll try to get one later today, sorry Mom!

New tie I bought last week at a mall! Reminds me of a rattle snake:D

Wow, first of all CONGRATS MOM on getting the job!!!:D I am so proud of you and glad our prayers have been answered. You deserved it for sure Mom since you are the best math teacher out there! I can´t believe my birthday´s already coming up, and I´m leaving my teenage year, yikes:O I haven´t found a camera yet, but I should be able to find one this week and I borrowed my companions to take a few this time:) I can´t believe my Sister´s getting married this Saturday already, my love and best wishes goes out to the happy couple and I hope that everyone can enjoy such a special occasion, I know I´ll be there in spirit :) That´ll be cool if the mini 4th ward reunion really happens at the Arizona reception! Also thanks everyone for your love and support, I can feel it everyday!!

Anyways I had some problems with the computer today so I´ll have to be brief.
-Elder Packard has been helping me a lot to better enjoy my mission and be a more successful missionary, as well as to guide my Zone to achieve the same. I talked with him this morning and the principle he helped to guide me with was that I need to stop trying to please people and start trying to please God. Of course, that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to please people and make them happy, but it does mean that sometimes you just can´t please both, and God should always come first. I have been applying that with my companion and I do feel we have been able to be more obedient and in the long run feel better about ourselves :)

-We started working in the wealthy part of our area this week as a step towards focusing more on the people rather than maintaining high numbers. As a Zone Leader, there´s a lot of pressure to have good numbers of lessons and contacts, so ever since I got here we´ve focused on a small neighborhood that allows us to achieve that, but have neglected the majority of our area since it´s full of rich people who are generally harder to find home or interested. I have the faith that the Lord has given us this area for a reason and we will be able to make a difference in the peoples lives where the spirit guides us.

- My stomach hasn't bothered me too much this week and I have my appointment this Friday with the doctor to see the results of the biopsies they took. Hopefully it shows more into why I still have problems!

- We still haven´t had any investigators at church, but we are working hard to get them there, the opposition has been strong for sure.

- It´s been super hot here, but still hasn't gotten up to 100 yet, but up to around 90 some days! Basically it´s going to be hot from now until October or November...yay! The good news is once I get there, I won´t have to endure another never-ending summer next year, woooo!:P 

Exchanges with Elder Diego and Elder Clawson last transfer,
although they aren't in our Zone anymore.

We did an activity for a Zone Training hiding a church full of limes and one red tomato representing
a "ripened person" ready to hear the gospel. It was fun and I feel they could see the effort it takes to
find that one person, but the worth at the end (we rewarded a big candy bar for those who found it)

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