Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 66

New companion Elder Gayosso!!

Alright so I first want to say I'm super proud of my little sis and little bro, they are rocking it in choir and theater! Kayla I loved your solo :)! And Kasey I still can't believe how handsome you are! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well Mom, I'm glad you are getting better little by little! Speaking of health, I have been feeling better this week and I think it's been in part due to the medication I started taking and also because I've been able to take time to unload stress and not be so worried all the time. I am so grateful for all the help and support I have had and hope to continue improving!

Aww thanks Casley, if you read this I miss you too!

I was raised to Zone Leader 1 and am training Elder Gayosso as my Zone Leader 2! He is a super cool guy and I am actually learning a lot from him. He is from Mexico City, but lived in Chiuaua for a few years attending a high school of the church which focus on teaching them English a lot, and finally lived in Utah for 2 years before leaving on the mission. He's a super humble and friendly guy and very knowledgeable as well. I love how he's always listening to conference talks or reading them and shares cool things he finds with me.

This week we were able to work hard and had so much hope someone would make it to church since 8 people told us they were going and even two were committed to going with a member who would pass by for them. Despite our efforts, as well as the members help, we were still left with none. We won't give up though. I have faith they can make it this week:)

My new Zone is AWESOME. The best part is my "dad" is in the Zone with me :D (Elder Toledano). He's finishing up his mission here the next two transfers, which is crazy because he had only been out for 6 months when I started with him! Also there are 4 ex-Zone leaders in our zone, which helps keep things under control easier and I have help from all around:) I can't wait to have another great week!

Adios mis queridos amigos:') (They finished their missions.)

Made my new companion pancakes so he knows how much I love him:D

Also made spaghetti for the first time in my life, super easy actually:P Yum!

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