Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week 65

Temple visit with President, Sister Bird and my companion Elder Azuara!

Alright, I have a ton to say this time so I´ll try to write it all up. Tomorrow is transfer day and I´m staying here as Zone Leader but my companion Elder Azuara is going to be transferred, which means I´ll probably be bumped up to Zone Leader 1 and have to train a new Zone Leader as my Zone Leader 2, so that should be fun! My Zone is going to be completely different again since 5 missionaries are finishing the mission this week and another 3 are transferring. I can´t wait to meet my new zone!

Zone picture at the temple!!

This last week has been crazy busy with interviews, trainers, a valiant meeting, and some obstacles that kept us from being able to work as much as we would've liked. I have been learning to be patient and happy with whatever comes because a lot of times it doesn't work out the way I hope, but that´s part of life! We still haven´t had any investigators come to church, but we've worked hard to invite everyone we could. This Wednesday, we have a Ward mission activity where we are going to play human foosball with PVC pipes!! I sure hope we have a good turn out of members and investigators:)

The BBQ activity last week, as I explained, turned out to have a few problems, but it wasn't anyone's fault so we just had to be patient and do our best to get it all done. The food was great though and we played basketball and soccer, and I got to play the piano for a little while, which is always better than practicing on my keyboard in the house. The Zone seemed to have a great time, which I´m glad about because I was a pretty stressed because of the problems with the food arriving late. I have realized how the planning and leadership behind activities, regardless of the level or type, is harder than it appears.

¡¡Carne Asada!! BBQ:P

To comment about my health, I finished taking the antibiotics and I do feel a huge difference, but I continue to have pain and I have come to the conclusion that it´s because of my over-stressing and perfectionist thinking. I have been talking with Elder Packard, as well as President Bird, and am striving to learn how to control my emotions better and change some of the way I think. I have seen progress, but it´s been difficult at times. President Bird helped me realize in my interview with him how the fact that I feel it´s been hard here as a Zone Leader is good. It means I´m learning and growing and what a blessing it is to be here on the mission and to have the opportunity to serve. How right he is! I am so grateful to be here on the mission and all that I have learned and am learning:) 

I have been studying about certain questions my investigators have or I have had or just a theme and it has helped me to enjoy my studies more and get more out of it. Just something I loved when I read it was a quote be Joseph Smith in his Teachings Book, which says, "mi vida no tiene valor para mi excepte para hacer su voluntad (la de Dios)" I only have the book in Spanish so sorry, but it basically says "My life has no value to me except to do his will (of the Lord)" I love Joseph´s dedication to the Lord and hope to be able to obtain that kind of faithfulness to the Lord!

Oh and it´s been HOT here lately and will continue to increase as these months go by, but it´ll go quick! Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support!

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