Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 72

Happy Birthday Elder Gayosso!!!

It`s HOT here in Monterrey and it`ll continue like this for the next couple months. Good thing they allow us to use hats now, it helps a lot! This week was insane...we moved to another house and we were told now that we are going to be the only missionaries in the whole ward which means are area is gigantic now! We had mission leadership council and it was my companions birthday yesterday. What a week!

Our new house is an extension behind a members house, the Torres Family, and it is a lot more central to our area, which will help us. I like it because it`s smaller and thus easier to keep up. Here are some pictures of how it was when we got there and how we cleaned it up later.


This week, we ran around all over are new area, as well as our old, getting to know the members we didn't know too well before. It went well and we were able to receive quite a few references from members, which should help. This ward is super nice and giving, but we are trying to get them to be more anxiously engaged in the work, starting with the less active members and part member families.

The Mission Leadership Council was different from those I went to before because it was the first one with the new President. The weird thing though was that he had an emergency to deal with so he left almost right after we started and so the assistant, Elder Cruz, led all of the meeting practically. We focused our new mission goals, mostly on working with members and learning about, living, and teaching repentance. I'm super excited about that because it`s something we neglect many times. We all have the need to repent and should be doing it daily. 

Something I found while studying repentance in the Teaching of the Prophets: Spencer W. Kimball says, “repentance is ever the key to a better, happier life. All of us need it.” I agree with that one hundred percent and invite everyone to experiment with it in their own lives. What do we have to lose? Nothing, but what we have to gain is infinite. Love you all and thanks for all the love and support!

Nerf blow dart activity we did as a Zone last Monday, it was a hit!! And cheap too :)

Happy Birthday Elder Gayosso!!!
(The members bought him three different cakes! :P)

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