Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 73

First bagel with cream cheese since before the mission!! Yum:D

Well, this week the "Canicula" (40 days of pure heat) started last Thursday and it sure has been hot here in Monterrey!! The good news is there`s only 36 days left:P My companion and I had a wonderful week in our area getting to know the new area members of the other half of the ward. We were able to teach a lot of less-active or part-member families, which we feel is where we will find a baptism and/or more support from the ward.

This Friday my companion and I went on exchanges with the Assistants in their area, which was super cool because I got to work with Elder Turner, who was one of the Elders in my same District in the MTC!! He`s a really cool guy and I love to see how much he has grown and changed both physically and spiritually :). Also Elder Cruz is such a good role model for me. He knows how to be strict, but at the same time enjoy the mission!

On Saturday, we had a Zone Activity where we all met together at a metro station and we gave out free juice and pamphlets. When we arrived some Jehovah's Witness`s had taken our spot we planned to use, so we placed ours on the other side close by. We had a blast talking with tons of people and giving out the free juice. We even offered juice to the JW`s. They`re our friends, even if we don`t agree on some doctrine :).

A small quote I loved from a Sister who gave a talk in the ward was, "The only way to come to love someone is to serve and spend time with them." May we all strive to serve and give time to the Lord so that we can come to know and love him more in our lives. He is our Heavenly Father and wants us to come closer to him, we just need to take the first step!

Oh and shout out to Krystina and Kasey since it`s their birthdays this week! Happy Birthday (almost)!! I love you guys and hope you have a wonderful birthday. Wish I could be there to give you birthday hugs!! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Exchanges with Elder San Pablo! A new missionary in the mission :)

A very sad day for a missionary...It basically says "Thanks for the time and teaching,
but my husband isn't in agreement with your invitation to investigate more into your religion.
Thanks and may God bless you." Ugh she was such a Golden investigator!
Guess it`s just not her time yet. I hope she is able to know more someday as the seed that we planted grows!

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