Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 77

My new Pumas Soccer Jersey:D (Corazon Ligero means Lightheart in Spanish:D)

This has been another amazing week on the mission field. First of all, tomorrow are transfers, and last night I was informed that I`m staying here in the Pastora Ward with Elder Gayosso for another transfer!!!:D I`m super happy to be honest and I really wasn't expecting to be given any more time here since I already have 6 months here, but I LOVE it here and we should be having some baptisms soon so I`m excited to be blessed to be here for that. :)

On Sunday, we had our Stake Conference here in Paradise (the name of our stake) and I was very impressed and would like to share a little of the best parts:

First of all the Stake Patriarch gave a talk on (what else) patriarchal blessings, which I loved. He started out talking about how many other religions hold a patriarch as the most high up who leads and gives the commands, but our church is the only who holds this position in such a humble, yet powerful way. He then explained how a patriarchal blessing is a road map for this life and into the eternities and that if we live worthily and follow it`s counsel, we will receive every blessing mentioned and more, even beyond our imagination. He also warned that we shouldn't wait for our blessings to arrive, but rather start striving now to obtain them, because that is what God`s purpose is in the blessings - not to show us all that will magically fall upon us, yet show us who we can become and how to get there, leaving it up to us to follow that counsel. He gave the example of the Liahona that led Lehi and his family in the wilderness and compared it to our patriarchal blessings (1 Nephi 16:10). We must be worthy in order for our blessing to guide us, just as that family of old.

I learned a lot from that talk and it brought back memories of when I received my own patriarchal blessing. That event is something I will never forget and is one of my strongest sources of my testimony that I have a Father in Heaven, that knows and loves me more than I will ever be able to comprehend. I have seen some of those promises be fulfilled both in part and completely and I have a strong testimony that all will be given one day (whether in this life or the next), if I will just keep the commandments and endure to the end. :) I highly recommend that, for those you who haven't received your blessing, you talk with your bishop and start the process now because I promise you, it'll change your life and become one of your most cherished treasures. 

I testify that God lives and loves each and every one of us and that he speaks to us through his called servants here on Earth. I am so grateful for all the church leaders that have guided me in my life and especially for the Patriarch Bullock who represented the Lord when he gave me my blessing. I love you all and hope you can strive to obtain your own special guide or for those of you who have it, that you`ll appreciate it more and study it as often as possible. Have a wonderful week!

Last time being with my papa...:,( He leaves Wednesday morning back to Morelos close to Mexico City.
 It has been wonderful to have him here in the Zone while he finished his mission!!!
Love him so much and I owe everything to him for all he has done for me. Best of luck Elder Toledano! :D

Elder Gayosso and I with our Jerseys (Gallo means rooster so he put Gayo
since it`s pronounced the same and is the beginning of his last name:P)

We ordered personalized jerseys for the whole zone, they turned out great!

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