Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 76

Solved my first Rubix Cube!

It`s been over a week since I've written so there is so much to say with so little time. I am SO happy right now. First of all, because we had 4 investigators in church on Sunday, three of which are progressing and two are on track for their baptismal dates in late August!!! The three are Fidel, which I've mentioned before, Juan Uribe, who used to be a baptist pastor, but now doesn't attend any church until now, and Yhoana, a young college student who has a Mormon boyfriend who`s a return missionary. She has been to church three times now, but still doesn't feel ready or comfortable with baptism.

Actually, now that I remember, in a lesson with her she explained how she doesn't feel support from her family or friends and they all say she just wants to be a member to be with her boyfriend Jorge. We explained how she shouldn't worry what other people say because we know that isn't the case because of her dedication to learn, pray, and attend church, even without him pushing her to do so. In that moment, I also was impressed upon to tell her the story of my mom`s conversion since it has a similar context. I explained how Mom was dating a Mormon boy (Dad) and that just as her my mom didn't have any family that were members or support from them in her becoming one and that I imagine many people judged her as only becoming Mormon to be with my Dad. (Clarification from Mom: "Actually, my family was supportive or at least not against me joining the church, but I'm sure some people thought I was only interested in the church because of my boyfriend, which was definitely not the case.") I explained how that wasn't the case because my mom had a true desire to know if the Church was true and even asked my Dad if she could accompany him to church, accepted the missionary lessons,and made her own decision to be baptized. The thing that I feel impacted her the most was when I expressed my gratitude for the valiant act of my mom to join the church and how now she is one of the strongest members I know with her very own testimony. Most of all, I`m grateful to have been raised in the gospel because, if it weren't for that, I wouldn't have had the chance to be here and testify to her of the happiness this great message of the restored gospel has brought me in my life.

In that moment I felt the spirit super strong and I could see she did too and I hope my mom`s story can help her to do what`s right despite any trial or opposition. I was so thrilled to see her at church on Sunday and hope she can make her decision soon to come unto Christ and be baptized in his name:D

Today I went to the temple, which was AMAZING!!! I honestly prepared more than I ever have, before entering because I had questions in mind that I had studied, conversed about, and taken a side, which resulted in an experience inequivalent to any other trip to the temple. I received answers (and-or confirmations) and an even greater feeling of peace and closeness to my Father in Heaven. Also President Maucotel came with us and he entered the celestial room first and so I entered to have my mission president standing there waiting to embrace me. What a loving gesture! Also a member from our ward came with us, named Carlos. He`s a convert of 10 years but is still single at age 33 so we are trying to encourage him to get married:P

Temple with President Maucotel and Elder Gayosso!!!

Zone Picture!!

Me and Elder Gayosso!!!

Oh and I had my interview with President Maucotel last week, which was also incredible! He is such a sweet and spiritual man that inspires everyone who`s near him it seems:) He left me a assignment to read "Repentance" in the Bible Dictionary, which I did and loved what I found. It explains that repentance is " a change of mind, a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world." And how true is that! I strove this week to truly repent of my wrongs, to prepare myself to enter the temple clean, and have been able to see how repentance brings about that type of mindset.

On Friday, we had our Mission Leadership Council, which was the best one I have been to thus far! President made it more of a spiritual experience and focused on meeting our needs as missionaries, in order to help us to meet the needs of our mission. One such thing was referring to the mission goals. He decided to have us, as Zone leaders, choose one spiritual goal and make plans for a mission goal. This was in order to have us, as leaders, search our own revelation for our zone and also help take away the pressure and stress that having several high mission goals, which are almost always much higher than what the average companionship attains. We explained all this to our Zone yesterday and they were thrilled about it as well. It`s time to focus on how to help the missionaries progress and stop mounting stress and more pressure upon their heads. I feel President's love for us very strongly and am so blessed to have him here serving:D

Although it`s been super hot and still is today, it rained SUPER
hard last night as we were walking home and I found a little toad:D

Took the picture I promised :)

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  1. We miss President Maucotel at the Seattle Temple! I'm so glad you were able to attend the temple as a missionary.