Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 83

Me, getting creative with my food's the Jicama I was talking about, but
I made a Sun and decorated it with Tajin (the lime salt powder). Delicious and attractive!!

I am being transferred!!!! It's been a long journey here in the Pastora Ward and I'm very sad to leave my family here that I have come to love, but I know it's the Lord calling me to serve in another ward, where I can continue to help build the kingdom of God. I don't have much time to write since actually Saturday was my preparation day...sort of. What happened is the Assistants called us on Friday and asked us if we could change our p-day to Saturday so we can work with new missionaries on Monday. We said we could, but we had appointments in the afternoon already planned. What we ended up doing is dividing the two days and worked the afternoon Saturday as normal, and we're writing Monday before we have to go work with the new missionaries.

We had our Zone Conference on Friday, which was incredible! President Maucotel decided to focus it on personal consecration and invited all of the mission to become more consecrated while explaining how we are to do it and promising blessings. There have been some changes in the mission to help us become even more focused on the work. The one that threw me off guard was that we can no longer have instruments in our apartments...which meant I had to return my keyboard that I have loved so dear. It turns out it was never supposed to be allowed since it's a rule in general for all missionaries and actually it says in the packet they give before we come out that instruments aren't allowed. But here in this mission that had been forgotten and many have been practicing piano, guitar, and other instruments. It was hard to let go of the keyboard, but I am grateful for the opportunity and great blessing it has been in my mission and will be in my life to have been able to learn so much in such a short time. I have my investigator Ismael from my first area to thank, and will forever be indebted to him for such a blessing. :D By the way his family still hasn't been baptized...but they finally got married which is a start!

Other than that this week flew by and we had many great lessons, my favorite of which was with Juan Uribe because he asked us "when is my baptism again?" So we explained to him that he still needs a little more preparation, but can be baptized as soon as 2 weeks. Although I won't be here to see it, I have faith he will prepare himself and be baptized soon, as well as his wife soon after since she's told us she want's to follow her husband:)

Anyways I am so happy to be on the mission serving and wherever I go I will serve the Lord and work hard because I love him and want to share that love with all those I am able!! Have a wonderful week everyone! Love you!

Gelatina de Limon con chamoy y tajin, delicioso!!!
(A lime freeze pop with sweet pepper, lime and salt. Delicious!!)

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