Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 88

VIVA MEXICO Mexican flag at the temple:)

This week was a little bit of a struggle as I started back to working as many proselyting hours as possible and after a couple days I was super sore and tired. As the week went on, I have slowly gotten back into the rhythm and I hope to be able to keep a full schedule this week, if all goes well!

I had my bi-transfer interview with President Maucotel, which was a very enlightening experience. I felt truly loved and respected and was able to ask for his counsel as to what I can do for him and the Lord. He told me to prepare my companion to train when he finishes his training since there will be many new missionaries coming in and he feels Elder Polanco could be one of the prospective just finishing training trainers. I accepted and promised to do my best and that I will. This will mostly involve making sure he takes enough lead in the work to learn by personal experience. Elder Polanco is a wonderful missionary and I have confidence he will train like a champ if called upon :)

This week, we had many cool experiences, but one of my favorites was when looking for a young adult in the ward who's less active. We ended up meeting a young man named Irving and his girlfriend Nirira. Irvin told us to come on in and although he had just got back from training, he dropped everything, called a boy from the street to fetch a water bottle from the store and sat us in the living room. The boy quickly returned and Irving served us a fresh cold glass of water and his full attention. I thought Irving was the young man on the list, but we soon realized it must be his older brother we meant to find and Irving isn't a member of the church. We then had the most amazing lesson where the spirit was clearly present and moved upon these two young children of God. They both showed desires to repent and be baptized and were very truthful and sincere in their responses. I was so happy to have been guided by the spirit to find these two amazing people and we hope to see them learn and grow. They are around 18 years old with many dreams and desires that I know will we made possible through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ :D

The weeks are zooming by! Next week marks a new transfer, halfway done with the training of Elder Polanco :O I am just happy to be here in the moment and hope to be the best companion, trainer, District Leader, and preacher possible. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Halloween and week! TRIG or TREAT (shout out to the coolest Mom ever, you know who you are ;)

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