Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 92

Thanksgiving Family Night Dinner!!

I am beyond contento y feliz (content and happy) because we finally had an investigator at church this week! 😊Her name is Tania, 16 years old, and she is one of the daughters of the Lopez Mendoza Family that I have been talking so much about. Sadly, the rest of her family couldn't be awakened, partly because the whole family celebrated the birthday of the mother, Nelly, at 12 am and continued eating cake, talking, and dancing until like 3 or 4...This family is cool, but they need to learn to plan things through. I mean if you have planned to go to church at 9, don`t stay up so late! You can celebrate after church (although they did that too...) The good news though is they talked about it after Tania got back in the afternoon and decided as a family that they would prepare better and go to church together from now on 😊.

Also something amazing that happened this week was a Family Night/ Thanksgiving Dinner πŸ˜‹. A family in our ward, who we are really close friends with, the Abrego Family, have lived in and out of Texas and so they know about Thanksgiving. I mentioned that it was coming up and asked if we could have a family night with their neighbors we are teaching that day. They agreed and we started making the plans in which I helped explain how to do a Thanksgiving dinner and they invited their neighbors. My companion and I promised to make apple pie for the dinner and so on Thursday morning we went over to their house to bake it. We used a mixture of suggestions from people we talked to in the store while buying the pans, a recipe from the internet and a how-to video on making one. It turned out great in appearance, but the only problem was it wouldn`t hold together when served and was more of an apple crisp 😏. The Thanksgiving Family Home Evening was a success as both families loved it and we all were filled. They even bought a turkey 😁.

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