Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 93

(See pictures below.)

Well, it`s DECEMBER already! That means it`s that special time of the year when Christ`s spirit fills the Earth and the people are desirous to learn of Him!! The Church know`s that and has put out a new campaign to help spread the gospel called #ILUMINAelMUNDO or #LIGHTtheWORLD, which is a call to follow in Christ`s footsteps in service to our fellow men. I invite you all to go to mormon.org and watch the video as well as to download the app to find out how to give service in 25 ways in 25 days this Christmas season.😀 Let`s LIGHTtheWORLD everyone!! 😃

My companion and I have already had many wonderful experiences sharing this call to serve, including with our investigators who are participating as well. Also this Saturday we are going to do an event in a flea market to spread the message, giving out free hot chocolate and we are going to wrap Books of Mormon on Wednesday with the young men/women with testimonies written inside to give out as gifts! We are super excited and hope to see miracles through this campaign.

Yesterday we had a part-member family at church who had their new baby blessed and given a name! The father, Kevin, (I know funny right, even in Mexico the famous Lightheart name exists 😋) isn`t a member but came to accompany his wife, father-in-law, and niece who are members. It was a very special sacrament/baby blessing/fast and testimony meeting for sure. 😊

The Lopez Mendoza family didn't make it to church even though they promised they would...but we invited them to the Christmas Devotional in the afternoon and Tania and Casandra made it! It`s progress since now two of them are familiar with the church building. 😄

I`d just like the share the two scriptures used in the campaign and invite you to join in.

"I am the LIGHT of the world." John 8:12
"Ye are the LIGHT of the world" Matthew 5:14

Let us let that light shine before men and no longer hide it under a bushel #LIGHTtheWORLD!!!

Two new pamphlets to help teach lesson 5 about laws and ordinances,
as well as a booklet to help missionaries use technology wisely and safely!!
These are great tools and although our mission doesn't use much technology,
I feel it`s teachings will definitely help me
after the mission when technology abides once again

To prove that I am more Mexican than my companion, let`s compare our average breakfasts....tostadas with beans, lettuce and salsa, jugo de piña...vs....
sugar cereal....YOU DECIDE haha!! 😁

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