Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 96

Elder Winn!!!
(He was the missionary who had to go home for back problems and when I was
Zone Leader we made a poster to support him and he got back to the mission field
a couple months ago, he´s one of my District Leaders now and is training!)
Skyping with my family!

¡Feliz navidad a todos! Merry CHRISTmas to all! 😁 I had a wonderful CHRISTmas filled with spiritual lessons, contacts, and much more food and treats than I could handle. The best part of it was reading my family's CHRISTmas letters and talking to them over Skype. I miss them so much and join in with my Mom to say that I can´t wait to spend next CHRISTmas with the whole family including little Quincy (my niece to be born in May 😊)

On CHRISTmas Eve we were able to visit a part-member family who invited us over for their CHRISTmas dinner. They served us pulled pork, green spaghetti (sounds weird, but it´s delicious) and mashed potatoes. Afterwards we shared a message, held a prayer, and took pictures together. What a wonderful way to spend CHRISTmas eve sharing the gospel!

Christmas Eve with the Bautista family!

On Friday, we had our mission CHRISTmas get-together, where we sang hymns, President and Sister Maucotel shared messages, and we took pictures. I loved their messages, which focused not only on the fact that CHRISTmas is about the birth of CHRIST, but what that really means to us. President Maucotel shared a music video by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that awed me. You should all watch it. It´s called "Infant Holy, Infant Lowely" and the video shows a man coming out of prison to his family, so beautiful 😊. The correlation it is explaining is how Jesus Christ´s birth and what he did can open the prisons and lets us free, if we let him do such. What joy that brings to my soul to know that with my Savior's help I can be freed from my mistakes and sins, which are many. I love this special season and hope you all were able to enjoy it, but mostly that you were able to remember the CHRIST in CHRISTmas 😀.

Love you all and hope you have an equally swell New Years!!! 

Christmas gifts from mi familia!
CHRISTmas present from Elder Gayosso.
He knows me so well 😋.
Elder Polanco and his new missionary he´s training from
Arizona, Elder Neumeyer. 2 generations of trainers 😄!
President and Sister Maucotel, Elder Sanders and I at the
Mission CHRISTmas get-together 😃.

Elder Sanders and I opening presents, Merry CHRISTmas!!


  1. What a small world that Elder Polanco is my son's new companion. Thank you for posting that picture of Elder Neumeyer.

    1. How fun! What part of Arizona is Elder Neumeyer from? This is Elder Lightheart's mom and we have in-laws in Phoenix, so I'm curious if you know them.

  2. We are from Mesa actually. Just east of Phoenix. It's been fun reading Elder Lightheart's blog. When my son recieved his call this blog was one of the first few sites that came up besides lds.org. I followed hoping to see examples of what to expect while helping prepare. We still don't know what kind of rain shoes are needed.:)

  3. Kameron has just worn his regular walking shoes when it rains, since it doesn't rain very often. They seem to work fine. I hope your son enjoys his mission as much as Kameron has!