Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 42

I am going to be short this week because I'm not feeling too well and it's hard to think. I have had a fever off and on since Saturday night and of course the worst of it had to hit me today on preparation day, and a very important one at that because there is so much going on with Christmas coming and everything. First of all, please don't worry about me, I'm in good hands and I've been communicating with Sister Bird since it started. She has confidence that I'll be better by tomorrow night at the latest. I also asked for a priesthood blessing, and so I have faith the Lord will help!

This week has been interesting for sure as we faced a lot of challenges.We taught a lot of new people who rejected the message mostly because they didn't want to change. The way I like to think about it though is we are one step closer to finding someone ready to accept the gospel every time we find someone who isn't. And we were able to see evidence of that belief when we found a wonderful family on Saturday! I am so happy to be in the work of the Lord, even with these difficulties, and I have faith we are truly making a difference through the little things we do every day. Love you all!

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