Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 45

Tacos of Egg, Mushroom, Potato and Tuna Fish.
A little peculiar, but they're things I can eat and it tasted awesome!

Well, things are going a lot better I must say. I have completely recovered from the Vertigo and everything and now I just have the original stomach problems to deal with, but I am still on a strict diet and taking medication to hopefully heal it up. I should be returning to the doctor that oversaw me at the hospital this Friday, to have a check-up to see if I need to continue with the same medication and diet or not. I'll keep you posted for sure, but don't worry, I know the Lord is blessing me because I have been able to quickly recover and get back to work which is most important.

Anyways, enough about me, this week has been amazing!!! First of all, our President let us listen to Christmas music another week, so I was super happy getting ready in the mornings to Pentatonix and Michael Buble:D. Also, for New Years, I was able to get a hold of a bottle of Sparkling Cider to celebrate with my companion and two other Elders in my district. It is really hard to find here, but a family in our ward had been gifted a 3 pack of the big bottles, and after commenting about how much I love it and that it's a tradition in our family to drink it at midnight, and asking where I could find one here, they insisted I take one since they only can be found in Walmart or Sam's Club, which aren't here in Cadereyta. Long story short, the tradition continues!! We made pancakes New Year's Eve and then on New Year's Day we were practically forced food upon us all day because they have a tradition here to cook a ton of food New Year's Day:)

Outside of festivities and the very best part of the week was the experiences we had with our investigator Ivan and a recent convert Edgar who's good friends with Edgar. Ivan has been progressing quite well and if all goes well will be baptized the 17th of January! We met his family finally since before we taught him in the house of Edgar. His mom invited us New Year's Eve to eat so we got to know his family better. Then with Edgar, we've also been visiting him quite a lot and he shared with us of some mistakes he's made and wanted our help and counsel to know what to do. One lesson in particular when I think back, I don't know how I said the things I said and shared the scriptures I shared because it came directly from the spirit:) Anyways, he has been able to start the repentance process and even talked with the Bishop yesterday. I am happy he had the courage to confess and begin his journey to a better life! We have been becoming very close to Edgar, Ivan, and also a member named Omar, Ivan's cousin. They are all 17 years old so we can relate really well to their lives and their trials and help them through our own experiences we went through at their age. I know we were sent here by revelation to be able to share these experiences because I have seen the power and spirit in action in their lives. I can't take any credit because I know it's the Holy Ghost who testifies and causes them understand, and for that I am so grateful. I am excited to continue working hard and seeing these miracles come to pass and hope I can do all the Lord expects of me. Happy New Year everyone, love you!!!

I made Jello again, but this time with a cocktail of fruits molded in!
(I know - how creative :P)

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